Experiments And Unbiased Testing Of Wine…

In this world there are so many countries and every country has a different concept related to different things, but if we particularly talk about the tasting and making of wine things are different and things are different in a very different way. People are so peculiar in so many ways, for instance: the aroma of wine, taste of wine, any particular brand of wine and so on and so forth. It is pertinent to mention that taste and brands of the wine are not related to each other, but yes the brand name is highly and extreme associated with the taste of the wine.

A small experiment in a winery:

There are so many wineries especially in western countries, where owner of the wineries make wine and sell it in international market. They usually play a small game in order to test the new taste of the wine (for those who are still unaware of this fact, wine has different tastes and different styles of making which differentiates between different types). What they do is they simple put 2 bottles at the counter without any brand name right! Then they simple ask the visitors to taste both bottles one by one, after the wine tasting in Mornington Peninsula they ask the feedback which gives them the idea of taste preferences and other priorities of the consumer. Now comes the catch after getting the feedback they label the same bottles with cheap wine and expensive wine now comes the examination actually where the consumers are required to consume from each bottle after looking at the label of the bottle. Now the results usually deviate from the unlabeled bottle that people usually go for the bottle labeled as ‘expensive one’ which shows that people are more lean towards expensive ones irrespective of taste of the wine.

Moreover, the aforementioned experiment not only helps them to read the mindset of the consumer but also tells the passing criteria of the wine in the mind of the consumer. There are other wineries too, which has some different experiments. The actual reason behind the game of wineries is to understand the behavior of the consumer towards new flavors of the wine available in the winery. Further, they tweak the overall recipe of the wine too to blend it with the preferences of the consumer. As per the research price plays a vital role in the selection of the consumer, usually people just buy wine on the basis of price, although the knowledgeable people consider the wine which is the oldest one irrespective of the price, but generally people select wine on the basis of price not the age of the wine bottle.

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